Oreo Overtakes the Super Bowl

Did you read our blog post on our Top 5 Super Bowl XLVII Commercials Using Social Media? It appears we should add a new player to the list: Oreo. Their social media team took advantage of the Super Bowl’s unexpected power outage and generated a simple ad that received over 14,500 re-shares on Twitter. Talk about great user engagement.

Was this ad more than a lucky shot in the dark? It appears so. Oreo was already well-prepped for its Super Bowl spot, being the only brand to incorporate Instagram as a social media strategy. Super Bowl viewers were invited to upload a favourite picture and tag it either #cookiethis or #cremethis. This was a clever means of referencing that age-old divide: separating Oreo cookie-lovers from those folks who only eat the filling.

Oreo then recreated user-generated photos in either cookie or creme format, like so:

This type of interactive ad is different from many of the user-involved ads of 2013. Oreo gained the ability to quickly respond to user creations; unlike ‘choose your own ending’ TV commercials, Oreo’s Instagram photos retain the user’s individualized contribution. It’s a tactic which received great public response: Oreo’s Instagram account gained over 30,000 followers!

Oreo’s advertising team didn’t stop there. When the power outage hit, they quickly inserted the text “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” over a photo of an Oreo and uploaded it to Twitter. Savvy timing – the nation was using the break from football to catch up on their social media platforms. By weaving a relevant topic into their brand in a creative, immediate manner, Oreo received a copious amount of online exposure. Having a real-time creative team on standby throughout the Super Bowl made a huge impact on their digital advertising efforts.

Now for the big question – will all this publicity lead to increased sales? We’ll take this comment from Twitter user @bobsmileycomic as evidence: “Ok…I really want an Oreo right now.”

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