Adwords Offer Extensions Allow You to Add Coupons, Discounts & Rebates to your Advertising Campaigns

Offer Extensions: New Ad Extension for AdWords

One of Google’s latest ad innovations is the new Offer Extensions for Google AdWords.

Google Adwords Offer ExtensionsThis blog post will introduce what Offer Extensions is, what it can do and why you need it in your online advertising campaigns. Next week, we’ll post a walk-through on how to set up Offer Extensions in your AdWords account. We will also explore business implications and how this new feature will impact brands, businesses and marketers online.

AdWords Offer Extensions

What is it?

Offer Extensions is an AdWords feature which allows advertisers to expand their ads and enhance their online search campaigns with redeemable offers.

Offer Extensions Google Adwords Interface

Although Google has only released this feature to a lucky few, it will be available in the AdWords’ Ad Extensions tab once rolled out to the public. Essentially, ad extensions offer a way to make your ads more useful and relevant to users by enabling you to display more information – which in this case, is some type of promotional deal.

Once enabled and setup, Offer Extensions will only appear when your ad is in the top three ad positions. If your ad qualifies, your extension will appear under your ad alongside a link that leads to more details about the specific deal.
Top Three SERP PositionsWith that said, it might still not display even if your ad is in the correct spot. Why? Because Google cares about relevance. Instead, the AdWords system will only display your extension when applicable to a user’s search query.

How can I use it?

There are several ways to take advantage of Offer Extensions. You can feature a limited-time promotion, offer a rebate with purchase, provide free shipping, and more.

AdWords also provides an ample amount of character space for a summary of your offer – a total of 60! That’s a lot considering the title of an ad is limited to 25 characters. Google provided this leg room to ensure advertisers include any necessary information about the discounts, terms or restrictions. The possibilities are really up to you as long as you follow regular AdWords policies and a few additional rules specific to Offer Extensions.

Something that should be pointed out is that they must include an expiration date. In fact, Google examines the duration you set as a signal to gauge the quality of the offer. Accordingly, a general sale or regularly offered promotion would not be acceptable.

Google Adwords Offer Extensions

The offer must be exclusive (i.e. only available to customers with redemption codes or coupons) or it must have limited availability. In the case of a conditional offer, you must state the redemption criteria (i.e. get $A off when you spend $B, or $X off with a $Y purchase) within the available 60 characters.

What’s the benefit of using it?

Everyone loves a good deal! You can engage customers with offers that are relevant to what they are searching for — whether you’re a large online retailer, or a small business that provides services to local customers. Most types of businesses or brands can benefit from integrating Offer Extensions into their online advertising campaigns.

Two Types of Offer Extensions

Google understands that your customers shop online in a variety of ways so they created Offers that your customers can use online or in-store.


  • When the “View Offer” link in your ad is clicked, customers are led to a page on your site.
  • That page must include the offer details, instructions on how customers can redeem your offer and any terms and restrictions.


  • When the “View Offer” link is clicked, customers are led to a Google hosted page.
  • The landing page will include your offer headline, deal details, image of your choice and a barcode/code to redeem your offer (all of which you need to provide yourself).
  • Customers can view, save, print, email or SMS your offer (depending on whether they are viewing it from their desktop or mobile device).
  • Customers can also save your deal to their Google Offers account for in-store use.
  • Advertisers can also promote a manufacturers coupon via the in-store option.

What do you think about this new AdWords feature? Would you use it?
Don’t forget to check back next week for our follow up blog post about how to set up Offer Extensions in your AdWords account. We will also explore business implications and how this new feature can impact brands, businesses and marketers online.

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