North Shore Rescue’s Miraculous Search

(Photo by Mark Yuen, Vancouver Sun)

It’s been a freezing week in Vancouver, but those of us warm in our offices can’t complain. North Shore Rescue, along with local volunteers, spent days combing Cypress mountain through chest-high snow and freezing winds. They were searching for Sebastien Boucher, a snowboarder who’d gone missing in out-of-bounds terrain. Nearing Day 3 of the search, the rescue team pushed on with rugged determination – but they were prepared for the worst. North Shore Rescue (which contains 6S’s co-founder John Blown) knew that with every hour that passed, the chances of Boucher’s survival decreased.

It was a true miracle, then, that they found him alive. John arrived back into our office exhausted but in great spirits, and the 6S staff huddled around to hear the tale, astounded by the snowboarder’s good fortune and the hard work it took to get him home. Clearly, Boucher’s safety was priority number one – although the headlines now continue with Cypress’s decision to charge Boucher with $10,000 for the out-of-bounds venture. North Shore Rescue was featured in the Vancouver Sun regarding the issue – read the article to find out their opinion on the charges.

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