TripAdvisor Launches New Photo Management Tools for Travel Related Businesses

How are photos part of my TripAdvisor listing, and why are they important?

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Photos are an important part of how travelers evaluate your property on TripAdvisor. They use photos, along with reviews, as part of their accommodation selection process. There can be up to three types of photos associated with your TripAdvisor listing:

  1. Your primary photo — this appears at the top of your listing. We prefer to feature photos submitted by the property but will use a photo from one of our commerce partners if the hotel has not supplied one.
  2. Additional owner-submitted photos – these appear on the listing photo tab. You are entitled to upload an unlimited quantity. Please note that they will appear after traveler-submitted photos, and will be identified as having been provided by the hotel.
  3. Traveler-submitted photos – these appear on the listing photo tab. In the spirit of our user-generated content site, they will appear first, before owner-submitted ones.
    All owner photos are uploaded through your Owners’ Center.

Travelers are 150% more engaged on hotel listings that have 20 photos or more! Our data shows that the more photos you have, the more time travelers spend on your listing page. In addition, photos look great on our our iPhone, iPad, and other mobile apps.

So what’s new and different, and how should I take advantage of new features?

We made two important changes to photo content and management in early 2011, both of which help you
better showcase your property to prospective guests. We encourage you to learn about and take advantage
of both.

Photo management tool

We’ve created a “Manage your property photos” page in the

Owners’ Center to help you better manage the
photos you upload. This tool allows you to:

  1. Designate which photo you want to have serve as your primary photo
  2. Change your primary photo frequently, updating it for a new season, event, or property renovation
  3. Delete old photos
  4. Update photo captions


Go to your Owners’ Center and select “Manage your photos.” Please note that you will only see this page
if you have uploaded photos for your property; you will not see it if you just have traveler-uploaded photos.
If you are uploading photos for the first time, go to “Add photos to your listing.” If you are not a
registered owner, you will need to go to and register.
Once you are on the “Manage your photos” page, you will:

  1. See a display of all owner-uploaded photos, sorted by upload date
  2. Be able to select a primary photo, delete photos, and enter captions
  3. Need to hit save to have changes take effect
  4. See your changes on TripAdvisor in approximately 48 hours

“Photo View” tab on destination hotel pages

To help travelers better review and compare photos of different hotels in the same destination, we are adding a new photo tab on the hotel pages of destinations. This gives you a great opportunity to put your best face forward against your competitors, and to catch travelers’ attention as they browse hotels in a large photo format.

Your primary photo is the one that appears on this tab.

Important — if you submitted your primary photo prior to October 2009 it will appear as a small, not large, thumbnail. You should submit a new one to best showcase your hotel. If we have not received a photo from you since October 2009, we may use a commerce photo. So upload a new one and designate it as your primary photo to make sure we’re displaying what you want to show!

Please note — that this new feature has been rolled out in select destinations to begin, and will be added to others in upcoming months.

Done! If my TripAdvisor photo content is fully optimized, what should it look like?
If your TripAdvisor photo content is fully optimized, you will:

  1. Have selected a primary photo that showcases your property, and you will occasionally
    swap it using the photo management page out in order to give travelers fresh content,
    and to reflect seasonal change, a special event, or a physical plant upgrade.
  2. Have uploaded a primary photo in October 2009 or later, that properly displays as a large
    thumbnail on your destination’s “Photo View” tab.
  3. Remember that travelers love photos! Upload additional photos to be displayed along with traveler
    photos on your listing’s “Photos” tab to help travelers visualize your property. Make sure you have more
    than 20 photos to encourage travelers to spend more time on your listing page.

What can I do to make my property even more appealing to travelers?
Travelers love video, as well. As an owner, you are entitled to upload an unlimited number of videos of your
property through your Owners’ Center. Take advantage of this to let travelers get an even better sense of what you offer.

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If you need to register as an owner, please go to:

– If you need more information on adding photos or videos, please refer to:



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