New Facebook CPC Features: Sponsored Stories and Custom Landing Tabs

Facebook has recently launched two cool new features including sponsored stories as well as functionality to send paid CPC traffic to custom landing tabs.

Facebook Sponsored Stories:
Let’s advertisers turn actions (such as liking a page, or checking into a place) into ads that are targeted to that person’s friends. For example, if a user checks into a restaurant, that restaurant can target ads to all of that user’s friends after the user checks in checked in. The ad still shows on the right of the page (where we would normally see it it) – but contains the content of the action taken by the user’s friend(s).

Read more on Facebook Sponsored Stories on the involver blog.

Facebook Sponsored Stories

Source: Inside Facebook

Sending CPC Clicks to Custom Landing Tabs:

Instead of just sending CPC traffic to your Business Page, you can choose which tab the ad sends the visitor to. This is great for creating ad campaigns that align with certain
events/promotions that you have created a custom FBML tab for on your Business Page.

Read more on Inside Facebook.

Facebook Custom Landing Tabs

Source: Inside Facebook

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