Just Launched: Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

Multi-Channel Funnels have arrived!

Ever wonder how much impact all your marketing efforts have on your bottom line? Did all those re-tweets have a meaningful business impact? How much revenue do my non-branded search terms drive? Is that Yellow Pages ad with the QR code worth the investment?
Conversion Attribution

Conversion attribution is one tough cookie to crack (no pun intended) and had been the bane of online marketing analysis for the longest time or only accessible to the few companies that could afford to pay for advanced business intelligence software. Not so anymore!

Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting

Today Google Analytics has rolled out Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting to all Analytics Accounts. Giving Analytics a much needed upgrade in their conversion attribution model; we are no longer forced to choose between first click or last click attribution.

To find the Multi-Channel Funnel reports, ensure you are logged into your Google Analytics Account and are using the New Version. Navigate to the Conversions Tab and you will see a new section called “Multi-Channel Funnels”

Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

The reporting in Multi-Channel Funnels allows you to see how each of you marketing channels contributed to your website goals. The Google Analytics team have put together a great video overview of the reports.

Some notes about the reporting:

  • The data in your Multi-Channel Funnel reporting is complete back through the beginning of July. Google hopes to have data backfilled to January very shortly
  • Note that it will take some time to see the most up to date data in your reports – it could take up to 36 hours for it to show up
  • You won’t see a splash page in your Google Analytics Account if you don’t have Goals or Ecommerce set up (you do have goals right?!?)

Next week we’ll post some interesting ways to use the reports to get great insights on your marketing campaigns! In the meantime, please feel free to leave any feedback or interesting ways you’ve used Multi-Channel Funnels in the comments.


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