MEC: Summiting the E-commerce Mountain

The rush of a new year often means one thing: it’s time to tackle goals. Whether you dream of reaching the peak of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, or aspire to boost your business’s revenue by double, planning and training for your success is vital. And, as Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) found out, such efforts yield abundant results.

MEC, a Canadian-bred business, supplies a wealth of clothing, equipment and services for outdoor use. They knew their products were top-quality — but they needed to effectively market them in an e-commerce setting. Outdoor recreational activities change quickly with the seasons, so MEC required a prompt adjustment of their marketing campaigns for seasonality. As our case study notes, their Google AdWords account required refinement: their pay-per-click costs were high due to their ad groups lacking themes. By improving this, their ability to secure more revenue and web traffic would heighten.

6S joined forces with MEC to make their ascent as powerful as possible. With the proper digital marketing regimen, MEC’s AdWords account would be prepped for success. The plan included many renovations and additions, including:

Strength Training: Keywords were introduced into ad copy to pull a stronger audience to MEC’s products, while their ads shed the weight of extra pay-per-click costs. Ad groups were also themed to adjust promptly for seasonal changes.

Improving the Core: A local presence is the foundation of a successful brand. MEC’s Google Places listing was claimed and generated positive reviews for a great rating and increased publicity.

Endurance: Ongoing optimization introduced a new feature, which suggested related products to consumers based on their previous searches. This encouraged more people to become repeat customers.

Combined, these actions led to a phenomenal outcome. You can view the full run-through of MEC’s impressive results in our case study, but some highlights include a 45% revenue increase, a 64% web-transaction increase, and a 36% increase in site traffic! Allison Brownlie, MEC’s marketing manager, even noted, “For every dollar we spent in online advertising, we made $13.00.” These renovations continue to provide great results for MEC today.

Lesson learned: with the proper tactics, your goals are achievable. If you’re looking to tackle your own digital marketing adventure, refer to our Services page for a starting point. Building a customized regimen for your business is the first step to finally touching that mountaintop.

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