Live from SXSW: Brand Activations Recap

As the Interactive portion of SXSW draws to a close, #shamber is reflecting upon all we have seen and heard whilst here.

We look back at the dizzying five-day festival for insights and trends for the coming year. While it’s difficult to distill from the wide range of panels and parties what the “next big thing” is, we can certainly look back on the brand activations and draw trends and conclusions from that. Here are our favourite activations by brands:

As mentioned in our previous blog, one of our favourite activations was the Oreo Grab and Go campaign, which saw users participate in a digital photo scavenger hunt at their large and technologically advanced photo booth.

In previous years, Apple has dominated SXSW with their pop up stores and early iPad sales. However, this year, we were pretty excited about the Samsung Galaxy lounge, which treated guests to demos of their new Samsung Galaxy camera and highlighted the device’s NFC technology. Visitors were also able to create customized t-shirts and order snacks and floats via the Galaxy.



Next up is Yahoo. The company rented out an entire venue and decked it out with urban vintage decor and honing in on the revival of Flickr – a major partner of SXSW this year. The activation offered up an immersive experience that encouraged users to take photos on their Flickr app, then share to a series of dynamic digital photo frames on the wall. Free drinks, food and live music were all a major draw for festival goers and certainly a win for the brand, which has been written off by many. Could this be the return of Yahoo?



Another winning activation was Sennheiser headphones, which rented a house and created an interactive “silent disco” vibe, offering up live interviews with celebrities, drinks and headphone demos.

#shamber had a great time exploring the up-and-coming developments that SXSW highlighted, and can’t wait to see which tech trends fully take off this year. We hope you enjoyed learning about these brand activations as much as we did when experiencing them!

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