LinkedIn Launches “New” Business Accounts

Today, LinkedIn launched new business account functionality that allows advertisers to create a separate account to manage ad campaigns. Until now, anyone wishing to advertise on LinkedIn had to manage ad campaigns through personal LinkedIn accounts, which for many companies was not ideal because only the person attached to that personal LinkedIn account could manage the ad campaigns.

Now, with LinkedIn Accounts, a separate advertising account can be set up and multiple LinkedIn users can be added to manage ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Business Accounts for Ads

Creating your Ad Management account

To create your business account on LinkedIn follow these steps:

1. Login to the LinkedIn Ads area as usual

2. Hover your mouse over your profile name. A drop down menu will appear with an option to “Create Business Account”.

creating your LinkedIn business account

3. Type your company name into the “Create Business Account” pop up box. Your company name and details should appear.

Choose your company name

4. Click on your company details that appear and click “Create”.

5. You will then see a “Congratulations Your Account is now active.” Screen. Hover over your profile name again to see your new company account within the drop down menu.

Continue creating new accounts for all company LinkedIn advertising campaigns you manage.

Transfer Existing Ads to New Account

Next, you can transfer over your existing ads from your personal profile account.

6. Click on “Create ad campaign” in the new business account you created. A drop down box should appear with the option to create a new ad, or duplicate existing. Click “duplicate existing”.

Duplicate Existing Ads

Note: Unfortunately, all historical performance of your ads including CTR, click and impression data will not be carried over. Although you can duplicate your existing ads, their performance will start from scratch.

7. Select which personal profile you wish to duplicate the ads from.

8. A pop up box will appear with ads available to duplicate. Select the ads you wish to carry over to the new account and click “Next”.

Duplicate Ads from personal account

9. Unfortunately, you will need to enter in your billing information again to get your ads started. This includes another $5.00 account activation fee.

Adding Multiple Users to your Account

Next, you will want to add multiple users who can manage your ads and/or billing.

10. Click on “Users”. Click on “Add user”. Type in the LinkedIn user you wish to add to your business account as an Admin, Standard or Viewer role.  You can also choose to “Make this user the Billing Contact for this account” or “Make this user the Campaign Contact for this account”. After you have chosen the settings you wish to use click “Add User”.

Add User Accounts

There you have it! You’ve created your very own LinkedIn “New” Business Account. Now only if we could manage our LinkedIn Company page from here…

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