Let Me Google That For You

Last week, we talked about a fun and educating way to display Google’s search results with “What do you love?“. This week, I would like to introduce another fun Google related site:

Because what is obvious to one person is not always obvious to another person, we have all at one point in our lives asked and been asked what we thought were “stupid questions”. The first thought that comes to mind when receiving these questions is: “Why didn’t he/she just Google that?”.

Well, if you feel confident that the person will not be offended, there is a way to gently convey that message: it’s called Let me Google that for you“.

Let me google that for you - lmgtfy.comBasically, the principle behind this site is that you type a query, it gives you a link that you can then send as the answer to the so-called “stupid question”. The link will then demonstrate how to do a search for that query in Google, before showing you actual results for that query. For example, if someone asks you what a “spork” is, you could send them this link: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=spork.

Again, this is not a tool you should use with anybody as people can get offended by it. Make sure you know your audience before sending them a link because before being redirected, it shows this message:Let me google that for you - lmgtfy_com__q=spork

So have fun with this tool, but be nice!

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