KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Chinese Marketing Case Study

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, serves 135 destinations worldwide, including four major cities in China. KLM UK had never marketed to the Chinese-speaking demographic online before and wanted to launch multiple high impact social media campaigns. How did the airline effectively engage with the world’s most active social media users? Read about the success of these campaigns in the KLM Chinese marketing case study.

Sheng Li Digital is a Chinese online marketing agency and a wholly-owned subsidiary of 6S Marketing. The agency focuses on international campaigns — specifically digital marketing and advertising to a Chinese audience. Sheng Li has a team of digital marketing strategists that are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese; they are well-versed in the cultural nuances of the Chinese audience, being born in Mainland China and educated in North America.

While working with Sheng Li, KLM’s official social channels have attracted strong brand advocates and a large social media following to whom they drive engagement, promotions, and ticket sales.


KLM UK wanted to promote their flight routes, build a community around the brand, and personalize the airline.

The challenge was to cultivate authentic connections with today’s tech-savvy, social flyers. To deepen relationships with its customers, and inspire more valuable and relevant interactions with its brand, KLM sought to better integrate social into their marketing strategy.

Catering to the world’s most active social media users, KLM knew that exceptional online engagement will result in positive shout-outs on Facebook and Weibo. With this in mind, KLM’s social media content was uniquely curated on each channel for brand fans and influencers.

Sheng Li Digital ran a series of campaigns that strengthened KLM’s brand awareness amongst the Chinese population in the UK and drove specific, targeted traffic to their ‘Home for the Holidays’ campaign and ‘Chinese New Year’ promotions. We shared great, on-brand content to attract a strong following and resulted in increased brand sentiment.


After the first few posts, it was clear that we could create exciting engagement towards this extremely targeted audience and we were very happy with the positive sentiment we received.
Robert Hughes, Air France-KLM Group


Social media has opened up a world of opportunity for brands. Online, companies can reach and connect one-on-one with fans; furthermore, they can determine why fans are engaging, and what they want that social experience to be.

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Read the case study on the Sheng Li Digital website for full details and results.

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