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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

‘Don we now our ugly sweaters…’

6S celebrates holidays full-force every year, and this December was no exception. Perhaps you were already aware—we’ve been sending out our holiday-themed cupcakes left, right and centre this week! With sumptuous flavours like Christmas Candy Cane and Red Velvet, we spread some festive cheer early in the season with Operation Cupcake.

Even our desks participated in the Christmas fanfare. Garlands were strung, lights were hung, and a giant Christmas tree was set up at our front door to greet all visitors. We brought out an electric ‘Christmas Dog’ (complete with a barking rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’), which Nea, the office dog, enjoyed festively terrorizing.

One new tradition: 6S decided to forgo presents for our Christmas party and donate to a sponsored family instead. Our Christmas tree looked a whole lot merrier with lots of gifts underneath, waiting to be unwrapped by a deserving family.

Some traditions, however, can’t be broken. Enter the ugly sweaters and gingerbread decorating. Each division donned some Christmas-y wool sweaters while putting together their own gingerbread house. A glorious Chateau Google was constructed, complete with Google colour-themed candies and a mini eclair. Snowboarders and snowmen graced the front door of another house. One house tumbled down a tad early, but it was all the more fun to munch on.

Still, the holidays have just begun! Check back soon for Part II of our Christmas blog post, which will provide all the inside scoop on our glamorous Great Gatsby/’20’s themed Christmas party at UVA Wine Bar.

Happy Holidays!



Sarah Brown :Sarah is an MFA student at Concordia University. A talented creative writer, she provides blogging and copywriting services for 6S and our clients. Sarah enjoys playing the piano, doing yoga, and anything cat-related.