Iron Chef 6S – Take II

In order to get our kitchen skills ready for the holiday season, we held our second Iron Chef competition today. The first version of the contest was fierce, so this time around everyone brought their A game! The secret ingredient this time around was  – signature dish. This allowed everyone to shine and filled our tummies with tasty treats.

We assigned prized for 1st, 2nd and last place – so bragging rights were on the line and the staff didn’t disappoint! The judges got to feast through Chinese green pancakes, potato latkes, super bowl chili, baked brie, homemade guacamole & salsa, wontons done 3 ways, and snowman heads – chocolate cake balls dipped in chocolate!

Only 5 points separated 1st place from last place – with good eats all way round!

The top prize went to Vickie’s Snowman Heads; 2nd place went to Ashley’s Baked Brie with Mushrooms, Onions & Garlic; and last place – amazing at optimizing websites, not so much food – Jonathan with traditional Potato Latkes with Organic Apple Sauce!

The Feast

The Winning Dish - Snowman Heads

The Winners

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