Today is International CRO Day: Happy Converting!

Today, April 9th, is known as the first annual international CRO Day! Thousands of marketers have come together today to learn and share conversion rate optimization knowledge. Around the globe you can participate in meet ups, webinars, and Twitter chats all featuring CRO specialists!

International CRO Day with cronuts

At 6S Marketing we are celebrating this occasion by hosting an amateur page fight where we brainstorm and internally critique 10 of our clients’ landing pages to come up with testing ideas, recommendations, and optimization tactics to increase conversion rates. We’re looking forward to this brainstorm session because it allows our strategists and account managers to share their knowledge, glean helpful insights, and get a fresh set of eyes on their landing pages.

CRO is a tactic that we’ve implemented for a number of years at our agency. Because we are a certified Google Partner and our entire company is AdWords certified, we see the benefits of continuously running A/B tests and optimizing campaigns to improve the end users’ conversion journey. Currently, we use CRO tools such as Unbounce, Optimizely, Conversion Optimizer, and Crazy Egg.

6S Marketing has been proud to work with BC’s most trusted insurance provider, BCAA. Recently, we conducted a landing page audit and provided CRO recommendations for BCAA’s four week Snowbird Travel campaign this year.

Some of the optimizations included:

  • Creating a standalone landing page (without the primary navigation) to eliminate losing users through distractions – also known as Attention Ratio (how a user’s attention is split between all clickable links on the page)
  • Improving the value proposition to crystallize why BCAA is a better choice than their competitors
  • Making the page more scannable for key information as users don’t read, but rather scan only
  • Reducing the testimonial to include only the key information

With these few simple changes, BCAA saw great improvements in reducing bounce rate, improving average session duration and most importantly, increased their conversion rate by a whopping 65%! (see before and after examples below)

Below is the original landing page:

BCAA landing page "Before"

BCAA landing page “Before”

The changes are subtle, but they created a noticeable lift in our four week test. Below is the BCAA landing page after the optimizations were implemented:

BCAA landing page "After"

BCAA landing page “After”

We’re also starting the morning off right with CROnuts from Swiss Bakery, which are a delicious pastry hybrid of a donut and a croissant. How will you be celebrating the occasion? Are there any webinars that you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

Cronies with cronuts for #CROday

Cronies with cronuts for #CROday

Written by Missy Shana and April Yau
Cronut Image Source: Huffington Post

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