Instagram Business Profiles and Insights: What Brands Need to Know

Ever since Instagram first opened advertising to all businesses nine months ago, there have been significant changes to support businesses and advertisers. One area that has been lacking, however, is the reporting and available data. As digital marketers are well aware, unlike Facebook’s Audience Insights, Instagram does not currently provide in-depth analysis of posts in terms of follower growth and engagement metrics. This lack of measurement has been supplemented by popular third-party tools such as Iconosquare and Simply Measured to provide brands with further insights into their audience’s Instagram activity. Understanding the need for more detailed reporting, Instagram recently announced a few upcoming features to their platform.


Instagram Brand Profiles

Instagram’s New Features

In the next few weeks, marketers can expect improvements to Instagram’s reporting metrics. Instagram’s Business Profiles will be updated with a new Insights tool, which will be easily accessible through a chart icon in the right-hand corner of the app. Insights will supply data on which type of post performs best, when followers are online, as well as demographic and behavioral data of followers.



A few other updates rolling out for Instagram’s Business Profiles include:

  • The ability to run promoted posts on Instagram, similar to the current feature in Facebook. This will help marketers to broaden their reach using their top performing posts.
  • A “contact” button on Instagram’s Business Profile, to allow customers to easily connect with the brand.
  • A “category” option within Instagram’s Business Profile, similar to the category options available on Facebook Pages.


Why It Matters

With these new features and available data, advertisers can improve their ability to connect with their audience. Running tests for different types of content pieces will become an option on Instagram. Marketers will be able to determine the type of content to post based on results highlighted in Instagram’s Insights. Impressions and follower engagement by hour and by day will help brands create a posting schedule. Together this will all lead to a successful content strategy for Instagram, without the need to rely on third-party analytics tools.


The first countries to gain access to the new Instagram features will be the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. All other regions around the world should have access to these features by the end of 2016.

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