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The Next Era in Social Advertising

What’s New in Instagram Advertising

Earlier this week, Instagram announced that they will be rolling out their advertising program to all businesses later this year. The announcement resulted in gleeful clamor from the social media advertising and marketing communities — and loud chagrin to some users of the app.

Back in November 2013, Instagram started experimenting with advertising. They certainly took their time before making ads widely available in an attempt to really understand the behavior of the app’s users, and carefully ensuring that their product offerings will be relevant to both advertisers and audiences.

Instagram will be relying heavily on their mothership, Facebook, and leverage their experience in the social advertising industry and their technical capabilities to offer advertisers targeting options based on demographics, interests, and information that brands have about their own customers.

Ben & Jerry's Instagram Advertising

The platform aims to offer ad products that help advertisers achieve different objectives — such as brand awareness, message association, website visits or offline sales. In order to achieve this, Instagram will implement “direct-response format” ads that will help users learn more about products, download an app, sign up to databases or buy merchandise.

It will be interesting to see how the Instagram user experience changes as ads start to appear on feeds. If there is one thing that we can bet on, it will be that the ads that are the most engaging and effective in storytelling will be the most successful.

Moreover, as Instagram churns out more sponsored posts from more advertisers, tighter niches will emerge around key opinion leaders and influencers. The specializations of influencers allow brands a more refined advertising solution. The scope of aspirational categories that Instagram influencers fall into is entirely consumer-driven: from health and beauty tips, to niche diet guides and emerging fashion trends, Instagram influencers reflect what consumers want to see and want to be — they offer a curated collection of the best-of-the-best. The rise in Instagram marketing will fuel advertising solutions focusing on streamlining the process of matching brands with appropriate influencers.

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins

Coming Soon: Pinterest's Buyable Pins
Another exciting development in the realm of social advertising is Pinterest’s announcement this week regarding the future deployment of “Buyable Pins”. This new ad product aims to offer a simple, secure checkout made just for mobile. iPhone and iPad users in the U.S. will start to notice the little blue “Buy It” buttons in the next few weeks.

Pinterest has partnered with some heavy-weight retailers like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom; however, other business will be to able to start their Buyable Pins campaigns through online commerce platforms such as Shopify or Demandware.

While Pinterest has not released a hard timeline as to when they will make Buyable Pins available, advertisers and brands are already starting to count the days until they can get their hands (and their products) on the new Pinterest advertising toy.

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