How to Promote Your Business on Facebook – The “Intel” Example

Facebook is a channel widely used with more than 500 million active users throughout the world. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook*. Canadians are also very active on Facebook.

So how are you taking advantage of Facebook and increasing awareness about your company?
#1 Create your own Facebook page
If you don’t have a page, you should create your own Facebook page

Create your Own Facebook Page

A Facebook business page will allow your company to stay top of mind and the people who “like” your page will get updates on their Facebook profiles. If you have set up your company Facebook page as a personal profile by accident or before Facebook pages were available, you can fix your personal Facebook business page and convert it into a proper page.

Once your page is created and you have over 25 people who like it, you should claim your own Facebook URL. This will make it easier to promote and your page.

#2 Start Advertising your Facebook page

There are lots of places where you can place links to your Facebook page:

Email Signature: You probably send dozens of emails every day. Why not add a Facebook icon with a hyperlink to your Facebook page to the signature of your email?

Your website(s): A website is a great place to add links back to your Facebook page and has tons of prime spots: Header, footer, sidebar, at the bottom of each blog posts, on each product page… A “Facebook Fan Box” can also be added on your site. It displays the latest updates on your Facebook page right on your website. It’s eye catchy and gives an overview of what people can expect to read on your Facebook page. Your website should be one of the main sources of traffic to your Facebook page.

Promotional material: If you have claimed your Facebook URL like described in step #1, it will make it easier to advertise your Facebook page URL on business cards, brochures, and other print ad promotional items.

Facebook Ads: Start an advertising campaign on Facebook to promote your Facebook page. With Facebook Paid Search, you know your ads will target an audience that is Facebook savvy and just one click away to “like” your page because they are already logged in and browsing Facebook.

Make use of other Social Media: Social Media “junkies” often use several channels so don’t forget to advertise the content of your Facebook page on twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Use your own circle of influence: Add a link to your Facebook page on your personal profile, invite your friends on Facebook and your contacts from your email list.

Take advantage of Facebook Places: People are given the opportunity to check-in places from their smart phones. Each check-in will appear in the person feed promoting your company to their friends. It can be quite powerful so don’t forget to claim and update your Facebook Places listing.

Be creative: One of the best ways to promote your Facebook page is to be creative and let other people spread the word for you. Post new content often, start contests, make funny or informational videos, post promotions or events on your Facebook page to bring it to life and have people interact on it.

Build tools and channels to direct these visitors to your Facebook page: Some companies do a great job at building custom web or Facebook applications to spread the word about their pages and their brands or products. One of the coolest one I’ve seen in a while is the one by Intel called “The Museum of Me”. It’s a web application that connects to your Facebook page and creates a video of an interactive museum filled with your pictures, your friends, videos you liked and so on. It’s really well made.

This app isn’t just made to be cool, it encourages people to share that video on their profile pages. They become the advertisers for Intel because the whole point behind this application is to advertise Intel’s technology as being smart and state-of-the-art. They briefly advertise with their logo and tagline at that end of the video created by their app. This application has its own page and Intel has also done a great job at integrating different Facebook call to action on that page. It gives people the choice to:

–           like the page: Intel Facebook Likes

–          Check their main corporate page: Intel on Facebook

–          Connect the app to the Facebook page:

Intel - Connect to Facebook

The whole page is entirely dedicated to the Facebook app. You don’t have the choice but to interact on Facebook from this page and it works. The screenshots above were taken on June 1st, mid-afternoon. Almost 90,000 people liked that page since then just 24 hours later (a 55% increase).

This application has its own dedicated tab on the Facebook Intel Page. A  promotional video has also been made about it:

As a result, 252,883 people liked this page already. That’s a lot of people willing to do “free advertising” for Intel on their profile page. Canadians have on average 190 friends on Facebook, which means that potentially 48,047,770 people saw that application for Intel appeared in their friend’s Facebook feed!

”The Museum of Me” is a great example showing how building a dedicated channel for your Facebook users can lead to more brand awareness. Of course, it doesn’t have to be as sophisticated as what Intel did. We understand not everybody has the same budget as Intel, but the concept remains the same whether you are a big multimillion corporation or a small business. It’s all about making people want to share your page, tools, articles, videos by being creative or providing them with valuable information.

Having a Facebook page doesn’t make your company special anymore. Almost every company has one. How do you differentiate your page from your competitors? Give us examples and show us your creativity! (Also, don’t forget to “like” our page at:



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