How to Integrate Rich Snippets into Your Website

Last week, I wrote a blog post on “What are Rich Snippets and when to use them?”. Today, I want to talk about different ways to implement Rich Snippets on your website:

Rich Snippets Integration

There are different ways to integrate Rich Snippets into your webpages:

  • Manual coding of single pages
  • Tweaking the template for mass implementation
  • WordPress integration

Manual coding:

An easy way to mark up your data is to simply manually tweak the code of the page you wish to mark up (or have your webmaster do it). This way of marking up content is not made for big websites with lots of pages because it would be very time consuming.; However, a markup like a contact us page can be done on a manual basis.

We used a test site for the purpose of this blog post.

Here is a screenshot of the code of a page before Microdata:

Rich Snippet - Contact us - Original Code

Click to enlarge

This is what Google Rich Snippet tester was able to fetch before mark up:

Rich Snippet Original Results

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This is the code after mark up (with additional information for further testing the Rich Snippets)


Contact us -Marked up Code

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This is what Google Rich Snippet tester could see after the mark up:

Contact us after Microdata

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Tweaking the template:

Tweaking the template is more appropriate for certain kinds of markup like events, profiles (for social sites such as LinkedIn for example) and other markup data that applies to a big number of pages.

For example, ESPN marked up their results pages to feature scores right on Google Search page:

MLB Rich snippet

WordPress Integration

Unfortunately, there are no plugin that effectively modify your template to include marked up languages.

However, there are some plugins available for recipes mark up, as well as reviews.

For reviews, there are a few plugins such as GD Star Rating, SEO ultimate. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to tweak GD Star rating because it has some nice features:

  • Enables you to automatically or manually inserts star rating reviews or thumbs up/down for pages, posts and comments.
  • Gives you multiple “designs” to choose from.
  • Allows you to control voting based on IP and cookies.
  • Lots of other basic and advanced options

This is what the “Home page” of the plugin looks like:

GD Star Rating

Click to enlarge

Start by un-checking “auto insert” for articles and comments:

GD Star Rating 2

Click to enlarge

Adjust options for auto inserting or insert manually on the page/post where you want to allow reviewing:

GD Star Rating 3

Click to enlarge

Alternative: You can also insert the codes manually from the HTML view by just inserting one line of code from the HTML view:

GD Star Rating 4

Click to enlarge

This is what the star rating can look like:

Contact us - final result

Click to Enlarge

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by posting a comment.

Here are some additional resources:

Rich Snippet Checker:

Rich Snippet Site Submission:

Google Guide to Rich Snippets: FAQ:

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