How To Enable Google Webmaster Tools Data Within Google Analytics

On October 4th, Google integrated Google Webmaster Tools data within Google Analytics. This can be a great new tool to find SEO opportunities.

Where can you find this report?

You need to have the new version of Google Analytics activated. If you don’t have this version yet, just click on the link at the top right of your window to activate it:
Google Analytics new versionOnce you have activated the latest Google Analytics version, you will find the Google Webmaster Tools queries under: “Traffic Sources”-> “Search Engine Optimization”:

Find Google Webmaster Tools in Google Analytics

Before you can sign in your Google Analytics account and dig through the data gold mine, you will have to enable Google Webmaster Tools data with Google Analytics.

How can I enable Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics?

As you can see from the screenshot above, you have to go through one more step before accessing this precious data: Enabling Google Webmaster Tools within Google Analytics.

The process is quite simple:
Step 1: Login your Google Webmaster Tools account with the same administrator email as your Google Analytics account.
Step 2: Assuming that you have verified your website in Google Webmaster Tools, you will land on this home page. Click on “Manage Site”-> “Google Analytics Property”:

Google Analytics Property in Webmaster toolsStep 3: Select the appropriate URL and click “save”:

GWT SaveAnd voila! You can now access a gold mine of information in Google Analytics. We have also provided more information on how you can find SEO opportunities through this report.

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