How a Non-Profit Can Use Social Media for Good

Imagine 1 Day

In a circle, under a tree, a team of community leaders met to imagine a global community where every interaction is an exchange of mutual learning and contribution. And so imagine1day was launched; an organization dedicated to ensuring access to quality education for all Ethiopians funded free of foreign aid by 2030.  For a number of years, a creative team dedicated to bringing awareness to imagine1day has pulled off some incredible stunts!  You may remember the Flash mob on Robson Street during the Vancouver Olympics.  These creative tactics have helped them achieve countless goals and have now funded 37 primary schools in Ethiopia and put 17,911 boys and girls into classrooms.

Upon placing the Flashmob video on YouTube, imagine1day’s site traffic increased by 590.08% in one day!

Today, imagine1day took it another step further and paired with a dedicated team of fitness enthusiasts in Vancouver to launch 1 School 1 Day.  The goal:  for the health and fitness community of Vancouver to come together for one hour and raise $100,000 to build and sustain a school in Ethiopia!

What’s so creative? The donation is actually made by choosing an activity to participate in on September 24th from 1-2pm!!  You and your friends can finally take that Yoga class, dare to run an hour, or hike the Chief!  Your options are endless.  So naturally I registered my donation and I’ll be hitting the Barre Fitness class in Yaletown this Saturday!

Here’s what happened when they used Social Media to get the 1s1d message out:

  • The YouTube video launched in both Facebook and Twitter for imagine1day and 1 School 1 Day’s accounts

In Canada, on average, Facebook profiles have 120 friends.  If 10 people launch a video, it can potentially be seen by over 1,200 profiles – at no cost.  With the power of Facebook Sharing and Re-Tweeting, these numbers grow exponentially larger and the message spreads like wildfire.

  •‘s visitor traffic increased by 997.02%
  • 69% of the site’s Referral traffic is from Facebook (35% of the site’s total traffic)
  • 10% of the site’s Referral traffic is from YouTube
  • Since early this morning, 310 have confirmed online registrations; which means $6,200 in donations thus far

To take it a step further, 6S Marketing connected imagine1day to the great force that is the Groupon G-Team.   On Tuesday September 20th, 1school1day was featured (and still is for another 4 hrs 25 mins and 34…32…29 you better get there… seconds!) as the G-Team’s featured campaign.

Since being featured on Groupon, the deal was tipped at 9pm on Tuesday when 112 were bought.  As I type this, 265 have currently been bought and from the Groupon page, 243 people have Facebook Liked the deal and therefore shared it to nearly 120 of their friends each!   Impression counts are breaking my calculator…

Imagine 1 Day on Groupon

Vancouver’s health and fitness community, paired with a community connected by Social Media, are bringing self-generating education to Ethiopia this very minute.  I think credit is owed to you, my dear internet.

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