Team Motivation with Real-Time Metrics

This holiday season, the 6S office was a little more animated than usual. Abominable Snowman and Elf GIFs grinned alongside real-time company analytics, displayed on high-res TVs throughout our space. Stats like monthly clients, new sales opportunities and overall workflow utilization were visible for all to see (along with some fittingly Christmas-y backgrounds).


How are we doing this? It’s a Salesforce-based software called Hoopla. Hoopla runs year-round, but it can be themed for events like Christmas, Halloween, ’80’s night — you name it.

Our main goal in displaying these metrics is to identify the key motivators that drive success, and help our team focus on these results. We’ve always aimed to be transparent about what matters, and wanted to give employees a visual representation of the effects of their hard work. Plus, Hoopla adds some fun to the office — it jazzes up metrics with ‘gamification’ tactics like a top sales performer dashboard, virtual awards, and even a gong that sounds when a sale is closed. It motivates people to complete their timesheets, too, as time tracking is displayed.


Hoopla even displays our Instagram feed! Photos from recent company events are incorporated, like this shot from our Christmas party.


The software has proven to be valuable for reinforcing the goals that boost employee moral. Recently, our President Chris Breikss was interviewed by the Globe & Mail on how 6S employees are given bonuses when company revenue goals are hit, rather than holiday bonuses. Our revenue goal statistics are integrated into Hoopla, with real-time percentages displaying how close the team is to hitting quarterly targets. People get excited when they notice the numbers moving up!

Do you use any gamification tactics in your own office, or have ideas for new statistics for us to incorporate? Let us know in the comments! (We’re planning to display real-time client feedback using Clicktools next).

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