Happy 7th Anniversary, 6S!

6S Marketing is celebrating its 7th Birthday today! It seems like it was not long ago when 6S founders Chris Breikss and John Blown started 6S out of the solarium in Chris’ apartment. The headline in the Vancouver Sun said it all: “They Left Safe Jobs to Follow Their Passions.”

It was the end of the dot-com boom, and John and Chris were working in Internet marketing for other companies. It was, quite possibly, the worst time to start an Internet-related business, but John and Chris plugged away with determination. Now 300 projects and 7 years later, 6S is a thriving, Yaletown-based online marketing agency with 14 full-time employees (and currently hiring).

6S Marketing is on Facebook! (Well, who isn’t really?) You can view upcoming events, find job postings, see candid 6S pictures, and more at the 6S Marketing Facebook Page

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