Happy CRO Day!

In honor of Unbounce’s CRO Day, we thought we’d share some of our experiences with conversion rate optimization and landing pages, why we love it, and how we integrate these concepts with your overall digital strategy.

Why CRO Works for Our Agency

As Oli Gardner put it best, conversion-centered design is both an art and science. It is both a creative and data driven process where digital marketers can use the left and right sides of the brain. Being able to use metrics to measure the efficiencies of design means that we know which aspects of a web page works and which doesn’t.

As a digital marketing agency, website design is often not within the scope of the project. After all the digital advertising efforts to funnel potential customers to the website, that’s where we lose control over the messaging and design. Once the client sends through their creative assets, we can easily build out a page that is both on brand and adaptive to the advertisements. The capability to build a customized landing page allows for digital marketers to control the flow of the user experience, ensuring that the user journey is coherent to optimize for conversions.

Approaches We Like

The power of anticipation


There’s an (internet) famous mathematical formula that goes along the lines of

Happiness = Reality – Expectations

The important variable in this formula is expectations. People are generally hopeful creatures, creating something for users to look forward to can add to that happiness piece, possibly adding a new customer.

Incept the idea


Everyone has lived their lives with a unique set of experiences. Who is this ad to tell people what they should buy? Consider this scenario.

Dianne is scrolling through her Facebook News Feed and sees a picture of two girls from college doing a wine tasting tour in the Okanagan. “That looks like so much fun,” she thinks to herself. She begins reminiscing about the carefree days of her early 20’s, and it quickly dawns on her how tied down she has become by her job. Dianne thinks back to the last time she treated herself. It’s been a year. So Dianne Googles “relaxing weekend getaway”, and clicks on the second result because the first result is more popular and will be busy, which won’t be relaxing at all. Which headline will make Dianne scroll down?

Variable A: Welcome to Brand Spa
Variable B: Treat Yourself. You Deserve It.

Which one did you like better? And keep in mind this is only a tiny fraction of the user experience. Also, given that you are reading a blog post about an entire day created to celebrate for a feature you use for work, you are probably thinking about where to go next weekend as well.

Give value, be useful

Who doesn’t like getting stuff? Offer something insightful or practical to your audience, prove your brand’s worth. The best way to do this is to speak to the solution to your customer’s pains, either through a sample or content. To demonstrate by example, here are a few recommendations when it comes to integrating CRO with your digital strategy:

  • Target the content on your page to what your audience is expecting. Landing pages are easy to duplicate and adjust, cater your messaging to each audience you target.
  • Make your page easy to read and quick to understand. People have shorter attention spans than goldfish.
  • Hit it home with your calls to action.

Our Biggest Hack with Building Customized Landing Pages

Sheng Li Digital is 6S Marketing’s wholly-owned subsidiary agency that helps brands reach Chinese audiences. Sheng Li has built landing pages fully in Chinese for testing out this new market. The advertisements are in Chinese along with the language targeting, and the landing pages essentially functioned as a microsite. This is a strategy that we have seen remarkable success from in obtaining new clients and customers for businesses.

Bring It All Together

Don’t forget your ultimate goal in applying the science of CRO is to turn the conversion into a customer. Better yet, a brand enthusiast and returning customer. That means meaning what you say and delivering on your promise. Marketers can bring all the customers to the door, but it’s up to the business to keep them coming back. If you’re interested in integrating CRO with your digital strategy, let us know — we can help.

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