Halloween at 6S Marketing

Boo! This Halloween, the 6S office was haunted by everything from bats to branded jack-o-lanterns. Our spine-tingling festivities began with a pumpkin carving and finished with our famed costume contest. Brush off the cobwebs, grab some leftover candy corn, and read on to reveal our wacky winners.

All clients submitted to a scare from our front desk, which was decked out in cobwebs, gravestones and ceiling-fan bats. We even tried to convince our office dog, Nea, to give out a growl or two…but she’s too sweet to be scary.

Pumpkin carving was up next. Our team created a few funny gourds, and even some tech-themed ones. Check them out in the photo gallery below. Our winning pumpkin? Courtenay and Lisa perfected the iconic ‘on’ button found on many a Mac. Let’s hope they don’t get sued for copyright infringement.

Gobbling up candy is one of our favourite parts of the season—so we enlisted the help of students from Elsie Roy Elementary. These little zombies handed out chocolates and 6S stress-balls outside our Yaletown office, and received a $100 donation from us to help fund their school’s camping trip.

Finally, the long-awaited costume contest began. From 50 Shades of Grey twins to fuzzy Fraggle Rock triplets, the competition was fierce. Our celebrity judge—Sandra from the nearby brand.LIVE office—watched as we strut down the catwalk. Disney memes, life-sized hashtags and Walter White… what a crowd! Julien, decked out as a literal ‘Internet Explorer,’ took home the top individual prize, while the Fraggles walked away with best group costume. All of us, however, got great joy out of seeing our bosses dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum!

Relive the eerie festivities through our Instagram photostream.

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