Growing Our Green Initiatives

Our office has officially ‘gone green.’ 6S has been steadily reducing our environmental footprint. As many of us spend ample time in the outdoors, we understand the importance of maintaining the fragile ecosystem which brings us so much joy.

By partnering up with local recycling resources and incorporating internal teamwork, we’ve been able to whittle down our ecological footprint impressively. Here are some ways we’ve boosted our environmentally-friendly initiatives.

  • Paper/Cardboard Recycling System
    We work with a local recycling company, Urban Impact, to ensure that paper, boxes and more are always recycled. The results are impressive: in one year, we diverted 17 cubic yards of waste. That’s equal to saving 5,915 L of water, 14 trees, and 3,465 kw of electricity! Setting up a paper recycling system is one of the best ways a company can divert waste.
  • Sustainable/Local Produce provides us with fresh, organic produce as an alternative to vending-machine snacks. This helps support local vendors and reduces transport time and carbon emissions, too. Milk and cream is delivered in reusable glass bottles and refilled as necessary, ensuring packaging stays out of the landfills.
  • Composting
    With so much delicious fruit on hand, we decided that a composting system would be the perfect way to reuse produce remnants. We implemented a compost system with Growing City a month ago, and have already diverted 20 kgs of waste. That’s the equivalent of five 4-litre milk jugs!
  • Technology Recycling System
    Every office accumulates a mass of old or non-functioning keyboards, computers and more. Did you know you can recycle these at specialty tech-recycling plants like FreeGeek? Parts can be reused, sustainably recycled, or used to teach aspiring tech masters. We donate all our old equipment to ensure it furthers the cause.
  • Keeping it Online
    The beauty of the digital world: so much paper is spared due to e-transfers, email and more. Software like DocuSign can securely send and accept signatures for important documents online. As technology advances, eliminating the need for printing is becoming easier.
  • Feel free to explore these options for your own office, or come up with new creative suggestions!

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