Google Wants to Know: “What Do You Love?”

Sometimes, when you want to do a generic search on Google, you don’t know whether the best results will be in Google Images, Google news, Google Videos, Google Maps and so on….Well Google solved that problem for you with their “new” site: “What do you love“. It was launched at the end of June 2011. The main benefit of (What Do You Love)  is that it allows you to do a search in Google and look at the results across several Google platforms at the same time.

Google WDYL home page

At 6S Marketing, we obviously love SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Searching for “SEO” in WDYL allows us to find books about SEO, watch SEO videos, see pictures, set up a Google Alert, email someone about SEO using Gmail, search SEO blogs or check out the latest news about SEO using….Google news of course. I can even start a new discussion group using Google Groups or start a debate using Google Moderator:

Google WDYL SEOThis is a blatant way from Google to self promote other Google products but why not? There are no ads (as of yet) so it gives the page a cleaner look. I actually think that Google did a pretty good job at displaying that much information in a clean way . It was Google’s strength at the beginning and what made them unique but they kept on adding extra snippets or ads on the home page over the years and it has completely cluttered the white and clean look and feel. WYDL is not a website that I will use on a daily basis but it’s a fun and different way to search for information and even find pieces of information from random Google platforms that I would not have thought to use.

What do you think about “What do you love” from Google? Do you or will you use it? If so, what kind of information do you think WDYL is most helpful with: professional or personal? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this website so tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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