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Google Street View Tour of the @6S_Marketing Office

Camels and dinos and bears, oh my! Here’s how to get ahead in the marketing world. Using Google Street View for indoor mapping of your business is a new technology trend. So we thought it was time to spearhead the trend, 6S Marketing style.

Live Tour

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Seasoned 360 Photo Pros Lindsay and Miann arrived at our office armed with cameras, expecting to highlight our exposed-brick walls and Xbox gaming station. Instead, they were greeted with a fuzzy surprise! Our staff donned specialty-made mascot heads to show off our wackier sides. Sharks swam through doorways, pandas delivered presentations – even the alligator tried his hand at playing the FIFA video game.

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More seriously, though, using Google Street View and mapping the inside business is a fantastic way to show the world your finest aspects. From restaurants and shops to offices, the demand for virtual touring is only growing stronger. The popularity of Google’s Street View feature increases by the day: the super-fine detail of these photos is much more accurate than the typical stagnant photo you’ll find on a website. Plus, the 360 feature gives users the ability to zoom and rotate at their own will.

And the secret logic behind our silliness? Google typically blurs faces if they’re shown in a Street View shot. However, funny mascot heads aren’t technically human, so we worked our way through that loophole! All in all, this was an awesome project for our Vancouver office to undertake! Striking a pose in gigantic animal heads had all of our employees in stitches, and the shots turned out great – we love them. You might even say we’re head over heels.

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6S Marketing often tests out new Google products and technology on themselves first, prior to offering it to their customers, and this is the case with their creative Street View campaign. However, there is some logic behind the madness. Google’s Street View is integrated with a businesses’ Google Local Business listings which ties in Google Maps, reviews, photos and videos. Having a strong Google business listing can improve a businesses search engine ranking in Google, as well as showcase custom links and make the businesses website more appealing to potential customers. As well, Google business listings are integrated into other essential Google products like the advertising platform, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics. 6S Marketing helps companies integrate Google’s products with their website and maximize return on investment with their digital marketing strategies. 6S Marketing has clients from all over the world with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, with a a New York office “coming soon”. If your business could benefit from an advanced digital marketing strategy, contact 6S Marketing.

Sarah Brown :Sarah is an MFA student at Concordia University. A talented creative writer, she provides blogging and copywriting services for 6S and our clients. Sarah enjoys playing the piano, doing yoga, and anything cat-related.

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