25 Google Plus Tips, Tricks and Resources

Google+ is a hot platform. It was the new thing on the block for a while, but it is now just becoming “THE thing”, especially since Google+ launched business pages on November 7th. Tons of guides on Google+ have already been published, such as the Mashable Complete Google+ Guide. There is also a great Google+ help page that gives answers on how to set up accounts and how to use Google+. So this blog post is not meant to be a how-to guide, but rather gives some tips about Google+. 6S Marketing attended a Google+ webinar hosted by the Google+ team (and we do a lot of reading and experimenting on Google +) so this blog post is to share the tips and tricks we’ve found.


Firstly, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on how you can make the best use out of your Google+ Pages:

  • Hang out on air: These can be very powerful to connect with your followers. Black Eyed Peas did a now famous hangout with theirs fans (Short version | Full Version) before and during the concert.  The Muppets also did a Google+ Hangout to promote their new movie
  • Sign your posts: It puts a face to the brand.
  • Create a Google+  widget which allows people to add you to their Google+ Circle without even leaving your website.
  • Link your Google+ page with your AdWords account to take advantage of the new “social extension” option from Google Adwords to show personal annotations on your ads, and increase your CTR of these ads which will lead to higher quality score and lower cost per click.
  • Be creative: ask people which circle they want to be in like Intel did on their Google+ page. This helps engage your followers and gives you an idea of who they are.

google+ tips

Secondly, here is a list of tools that will help improve your Google+ experience:

  • Gpluspic/banner: This tool is an image slicer to easily make a Google+ profile picture and banner using only one photo. No retouch needed so be creative with your profile. Some pages have done a great job at it: Android (showcasing its mustache for Movember), NASA and Pepsi are good examples. The best one so far is Nissan with their animated picture profile banner.
  •  Trending topics: At the Google+ webinar, they asked us to mention this webinar on Google+ with the hashtag #gplusbiz. At the end of the webinar, we asked them, “Why do you suggest we use hashtags in Google+, there are no trending topics like there are on Twitter?” They avoided the question but answered a few days later, launching trending topics in Google+
  •  Use Google+ ripples report to connect with top influencers. “Google+ Ripples creates an interactive graphic of the public shares of any public post on Google+ to show you how a post has rippled through the network and help you discover new and interesting people to follow. “
  • Use “direct connect” to add people or pages straight from Google.com search:

    • Chrome extensions for Google+

1) Extended share for Google+:  Google+ does not have a quick way of sharing your posts to other social networks, this extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post.
2) Helper for Google+: Add extra functions to Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts. Share Posts via twitter. Translate posts with Google…
3) Hangout canopy: This is an extension to help you find Hangouts started by the people in your circles.

    • Finding out which of your Facebook friends are on Google+:

1) Create a Yahoo! Mail account
2) Import your Facebook contacts
3) Export your Yahoo! Mail contact list
4) Import it into your Gmail account
5) The imported contacts will now show up under the “Find and Invite” section of the Circles page, the ones who already have Google+ will be listed first.

    • How to enable your Google+ search bar search in Google+ instead of Google.com:

1) Open URL: chrome://settings/searchEngines
2) Add new entry with following values:

To search in posts:
– Column 1: Google+ Posts
– Column 2: post
– Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=site:plus.google.com inurl:posts/* %s

To search for profiles
– Column 1: Google+ Profiles
– Column 2: profile
– Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e

Once you are done, go to your Google Chrome search bar, type “profile” or “post” then hit space bar and it will trigger the search within these “search engines”

Meet the Google+ team:

Things they are working on:

  • The size limit of a Google+ circle: right now, you can “only” add 5,000 people/pages to one circle.
  • Notifications: Soon, Google+ will launch notifications when you get a +1 on Google+ (mention, share, +1 a post or a comment)

If you know any other useful tricks and tips, please share them in the comment box below. If you have questions or comments about any of the above, don’t be shy and ask away in the comment box below as well.

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