Block Search Spam with the Google Personal Blocklist

The Google Personal Blocklist is an extension only available for the Google Chrome browser. When installed in your browser, this extension will send Google a list of domains that you want to exclude from your Google search results. If you use Chrome as your primary broswer, then this is a great tool to help do your part and clean up the Internet by blocking search spam.

Google Chrome Personal Blocklist

When installed, it displays a “Block [this domain]” link under each Google search result. To block a site using this extension, click on this link. This extension doesn’t prevent you from visiting these sites (ie: it shouldn’t be relied on to outright block certain websites from your children). It only removes them from your initial search results, hopefully showing you more relevant, less spammy results.

You can use the Personal Block List Google Chrome extension to block sites that you consider to be spam. It’s important to keep in mind that this information is sent and retained by Google.

It’s likely that sites that get more than 5 blocks by this tool, will be penalized in their search engine rankings. If you are using black hat techniques or search spam of some sort, watch out, as there is a new sherrif in town called the Google Personal Blocklist!

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