My Experience at Google’s Onboarding Bootcamp

Last week, our intern Isabella “Izzy” Bonnici had the opportunity to attend Google’s Onboarding Bootcamp for AdWords Fundamentals and Mobile Advertising. In this blog post, she shares her experience at the intensive two-day workshop at Google’s headquarters, and what she learned from Google experts and from fellow Google Partner agency members.

In the weeks leading up to the Bootcamp, 6S Account Managers Emily Rudow and Sarah de Feu took me through the basics of AdWords and Analytics training with an emphasis on account structure and reporting in Analytics. Attending Google’s Bootcamp not long after really helped to reinforce those same concepts in a new setting.


Throughout Day 1, AdWords Fundamentals, we ran through workshops related to account structure, the types of networks, targeting, effective ads & quality score, and bidding strategies. I was most interested to learn about targeting and bid strategies.

When learning about audience targeting, I was familiar with remarketing and demographics targeting, but hadn’t yet been introduced to affinity and in-market audiences. It was interesting to learn that you can separately target those users who are active product fans versus those who are actively looking to buy.

The workshop covering bid strategies was useful to learn for its section on flexible bidding strategies which I was previously unfamiliar with. It was interesting to learn that certain flexible bidding strategies are useful for specific types of businesses, or business goals. The presenter used the example of maximizing clicks, for brand awareness, versus target return on ad spend, or ROAS, for eCommerce.

Following the bulk of Day 1’s workshops, we did a case study on three separate businesses hoping to utilize AdWords to meet their business goals. The goals were: increasing online sales, gaining new clients through phone calls, and driving online leads. It was a lot of fun to work with and learn from a group of other Google Partner agency members to arrive at a presentable recommendation for each business.


On Day 2, Mobile Advertising, we ran through interesting workshops regarding mobile macro moments, mobile targeting, mobile bidding & bid adjustments, mobile & video ad formats, and conversion tracking. I was especially interested in the workshop on mobile macro moments and the workshop on conversion tracking.

Learning about mobile macro moments was really interesting, since they are moments that I experience everyday! The workshop presenter outlined the following five moments, which have led to more than half of searches to occur on mobile: I want to watch, I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy. Each moment requires mobile content to: be there, be useful and be quick. I was surprised to learn that a mere 1 second page lag results in an 8% increase in bounce rate!

During the measurement workshop on conversion tracking, I was most interested to learn about cross-device conversion tracking. I was unaware that cross-device conversion tracking could bridge the gap between where you searched versus where you bought, regardless of the movement from mobile to desktop or vice versa. The presenter also made a point to emphasize the importance of checking cross-device conversions before bidding down on mobile, for example, and to segment campaigns by conversion type to view mobile performance.

Google Onboarding Bootcamp

Attending the Google Onboarding Bootcamp was a really valuable experience for me. It helped to reinforce concepts that I had only recently been introduced to, and went in-depth on many topics I wasn’t yet familiar with. Having already written both the AdWords Fundamentals and Mobile Advertising exams in the week prior, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Google Office while other attendees wrote their exams, which was very exciting. Thank you to Google Partners for hosting me, and to 6S for providing me with the opportunity to go!

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