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Google Teams Up With 6S Marketing? Nope.

The following is not true, it is a humorous fake news story that our friend Ron Fiedler came up with. We thought it was a cute joke that was appropriate for a Friday afternoon.


Fri 4 Mar 2011 | 14:00 EST



Mountain View, CA

In a revolutionary move, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced today that Google Inc. would be teaming up with Vancouver based 6S marketing in conjunction with 6S marketing’s 10 Year anniversary to unveil a new search engine header.   Schmidt was quoted as saying “the 6S logo creates a the perfect synergy with the Google trademark and creates that “really googley eyed” look and feel that Google designers and programmers have been trying to achieve since the company’s inception”.  Schmidt was also quoted as saying He was “pleased as punch” with the new direction and is looking forward to many big things from 6S in the years to come.

Chris Breikss :Chris focuses his time on business development and leading the sales and marketing team at 6S Marketing and Sheng Li Digital. He heads up research and development of new digital marketing products. Chris is a frequent public speaker and has spoken at various Google Partner events globally, and has instructed on mobile marketing at the University of British Columbia. Chris has recently moved back to Vancouver from New York City.