Google Analytics Gets a Facelift in Version 5 BETA

Well ladies and gents it is finally here! The latest version of Google Analytics has finally been released and in true Google fashion it is being rolled out as a limited BETA.

As with all Google BETA releases, there will be a gradual roll out to the user base. So if you don’t see the “New Version” link in your account today, stay calm, it will appear in your account in the next couple of weeks.

Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting some of the new features in series of blog posts. However, as we are a Google Analytics Certified Partner we got a sneak peak of the new version and have picked out a few features that we particularly like the look of.

The Interface
The overall look and feel of the platform has been updated to make it easier to navigate. Those of you that are familiar with AdWords will see the similarities between the new interface and that of AdWords. With this, comes the inclusion of tabbed browsing to allow you to neatly navigate from Home screen, dashboard, My Site, Custom Reports and Admin areas. The My Site tab is where you will see your report and intelligence data.

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New Analytics Navigation

Admin Navigation

The left navigation has not changed a whole lot, but some of the names of the reports have been made more intuitive. Take the Traffic Sources menu; they now have a section for search which is broken down into paid & organic. That makes more sense!
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The new reporting also has some added functionality under the hood. For example, now when you move from Account to Account within the interface the date range you selected and the report you were on remains the same. For those of you that struggled with the greasemonkey script to do this you’ll be pleased to know that it now comes as standard. This makes comparing data across profiles so much easier.

Custom Report

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However of all the new features, the one thing we are most excited about is the new Custom Reports interface. There are a ton of new goodies in here to ensure the reports you are pulling have those juicy nuggets of insights.

One of our favorites however is the new feature to add filters to reports. By allowing you to do this you are able to customize your report and segment your data at the same time, giving you a single report that tells you exactly what you are looking for.
Using the handy search box you can quickly find the dimension you want to filter out of your report.

Then you can add in the parameters that you want to use. You can add as many filters that you want. However, be aware that the filters act as AND arguments, so the data you will see in your report will match all conditions you specify.

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Another great feature in the reporting area is the ability to create a “Flat” report. This allows you to compare 2 dimensions side by side along with metrics. Want to see which medium and landing page combinations drive the best conversions or worst bounce rates? Now you can in one easy table.

So that’s it! Google is calling this update V5 and it will be coming to an interface near you soon. Keep a look out for it and don’t forget to check back here where we’ll be discussing some of the new features in more detail over the coming weeks.

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