Google AMP + SEO = The Biggest SEO Change in Years

Google AMP is allowing companies to SEO optimize their websites in a brand new way for 2017 and may just rebirth the SEO industry.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a dirty phrase in many marketing and advertising circles, as it is viewed as an ‘old tactic’ from the days when ranking in the ‘Top 10 Search Engines’ was a thing. Back in the day, SEO vendors were seen as snake oil salesmen that were using dark magic to rank websites. Businesses needed an SEO strategy, but they weren’t too happy about it and they didn’t understand it. It wasn’t sexy enough, never has been, and frankly never will be.

Fast forward to present day and you will soon discover that the game is changing. Google has launched an initiative called the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. Without going into too much detail, these pages can be described as light versions of pages on your website that are cached by Google for quick and dirty delivery. These pages have been made popular with news sources and you have likely seen them. However, you probably thought that ‘AMP’ stood for the Associated Press or another news source.

Google AMP news results for Donald Trump

In order to rank in Google News, it’s clear that news sources need to be AMP optimized. So, how does that affect you and your business?

Late last year, Google rolled out AMP to all website results. However, over 99% of business websites have not enabled AMP yet. Anytime there is this type of disruption in SEO, it creates opportunity for early adopters. Beyond topical news optimization, savvy digital marketers can begin optimizing their key product and services pages.

There is much debate in the SEO community about Google AMP and whether it’s a ranking signal. Our bet is YES, that AMP will affect SEO now and in the near future. We will be creating in-depth blog posts as the technology evolves and as we run more tests. If you would like to be notified of new blog posts, sign up to receive our newsletter.

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