#GetRealVan: Chris Breikss Reveals What He’s Learned the Hard Way

Looking for a fun, inspiring event to rouse you out of a rainy November slump? Every month, Getting Real Vancouver books motivating entrepreneurs to speak in hip venues across the city. This month’s speaker is none other than our very own Chris Breikss, who’s revealing “10 Things I Learned the Hard Way About Running a Business.”

Did you know that Chris formed 6S Marketing right after the dot-com crash in 2000? Venturing back into the online industry after the bubble burst was a precarious decision. Both Chris and co-founder John Blown learned an immeasurable amount about the digital world as they grew 6S Marketing from a two-person team operating in Chris’s solarium to the bustling, 30-person workforce we are today. As Chris is now one of Canada’s leading digital marketers, he can divulge the mistakes made along the way — and the risks that paid off.

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Chris’s #GetRealVan Meetup will be held at the old Hootsuite office on Tuesday, November 19th. There will be a cash bar, and food available across the street at Railtown Catering. Don’t forget to use the #GetRealVan hashtag on social media!

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