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June 9 & 10, 2015 marked the annual gathering of digital minds for the Google Analytics Summit, an event centered on Google’s cutting edge Analytics innovations for the coming year. As a long-time Google Partner, 6S Marketing was invited again to join in on the action, alongside digital experts from major companies and agencies across the globe. This year, the conference took over the Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel in San Francisco, for two days of product announcements, product lectures, and a healthy dose of social hijinx.

GA Summit 2015

Day 1 kicked off with Paul Muret, Vice President of Google Analytics, setting the tone for the event with the concept of micro-moments. Micro-moments are the idea that in a day and age where we’re constantly on the go, but connected through mobile devices, we regularly use spare moments to turn to a device to satisfy a need. Muret illustrated this beautifully with a personal account of a trip he had planned with his teenage daughter to Switzerland. The trip wasn’t planned over one session, but he was constantly engaging with relevant travel brands during spare moments throughout his day, whether that be on transit, over lunch, or a quiet moment at home during the evening. There’s an immediacy of action here, where brands need to be there right in the moment and thoughtfully engage with their customer base during these short, ongoing interactions.

After Muret’s compelling talk on the linkage between modern consumer behavior and technology, the conference was engaged and ready to delve into the fruits of their labor: product vision and innovation for the coming year. As the conference was under full NDA, we cannot discuss the particulars of the product announcements that occurred over the conference until they are announced publicly. We can say, however, Google was not short of dazzling us with a number of new marketing products and features that we’re excited to share with our clients over the coming months. As soon as the morning’s session on product announcements came to a close, it was off to Demo Alley to get hands-on with the new products and discuss with Google’s gleaming team of product managers.

Demo Alley

On Day 2, we jumped into the ever-evolving world of mobile marketing — specifically, strategies to acquire, retain, and monetize users. From there, the Google Tag Manager team took the stage to discuss the updated platform interface and offer tips on how to get the most value out of it. Over lunch, I took off to the Google Cardboard demo booth, curious to see what cardboard and technology have in common. Next thing you know, I was whisked away on a casual Wednesday afternoon rollercoaster ride. Created as an economical virtual reality tool, Google Cardboard integrates with smartphone devices and a number of apps to bring VR to the masses. Most importantly, as explained by Google’s experts, the low-cost cardboard apparatus was created as a method of providing a cutting-edge educational tool to the masses. Google plans on distributing Cardboard to primary and secondary schools as a means of providing an innovative and inexpensive learning solution that can be customized to the classroom environment.

Trying out Google Cardboard at GA Summit

After an afternoon’s worth of breakout sessions tailored to an array of topics under the Google Analytics umbrella, attendees gathered back in the main ballroom for a final talk from Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations, Laszlo Bock. As a best-selling author and Human Resource expert at the top of his field, Bock captivated the audience with a talk on how data and analytics can be used in Human Resource Management to make employees happier, healthier, and more productive. The talk hit on everything from snacking to employee evaluations, providing a very interesting look into how Google develops a team of the brightest and best employees across the globe.

Once all was said, done, and demoed, the 2015 Google Analytics Summit was a resounding success. The conference combined everything from the cutting-edge innovations to come, to insight into how to better use the marketing tools already in our hands. We’re excited at 6S Marketing, as a Google Partner, to be amongst the first to get our hands on the upcoming product launches and offer them to our clients. Stay tuned as we will discuss upcoming Google products as soon as they’re announced.

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