Friday Fun w/ Boomerang by Instagram

If there is one thing that you need to do this weekend, it’s play with learn about Instagram’s new mobile app Boomerang that they launched on Thursday via this Instagram blog post. You can download it on your mobile device on Apple’s App Store and/or Google Play.

Boomerang is Instagram’s foray into the animate gif type short video phenomenon that is the latest trend in Internet animation. It allows for short videos that play forward then play backwards in a loop, and hence the boomerang name. These videos can be shared on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. much to the delight and potential annoyance of your friends and family. However, for market research and professional reasons, I recommend evaluating it for your next big marketing campaign.

This is me on Boomerang drinking a Brooklyn Lager, on Friday evening, while writing this blog post.

A video posted by Chris Breikss (@extrachrisb) on

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