How To Fix Your Personal Facebook Business Page

Did you set up your business on Facebook as a personal account either by accident or before Facebook Business Pages were available? Many businesses set up their Facebook presence in this way and encouraged contacts to become “friends” with their business. While it has not been officially announced, there is now a fix for this using the Facebook Profile to Business Migration Tool.

Looking at the example below from BeautyMark Yaletown, we can see that they have almost 2000 friends that they can now convert to Fans and take advantage of the extra Business page functionality to better communicate with them.


Of course, before using this tool we recommend performing a backup of your Facebook data.

There are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before converting your page. 3rd party application posts from the likes of Twitter and Hootsuite may disappear and you want to make sure that you have multiple admins with “real” accounts just in case Facebook locks your profile out for whatever reason. You will also lose your custom URL and may have to create a new one.

Ultimately the advantages of having a proper Facebook Business Page outweigh the alternative and the following are the reasons why you should make the switch:

– Advertise special promos to your current Fans via Facebook ads
– Advertise to friends of your fans (huge)
– Widgets can be added to your website so that people can become a fan from there
– Editable content sections and FBML customization
– Extra content tabs
– Contest integration
– Email newsletter signup forms

Its also easier to inegrate the following information too:
– Your physical business address
– Your email address
– Hours of operation
– Contact info
– Event announcements and RSVPs
– Photos and video

If you need help with your Facebook presence or need help with your Facebook Business Page, please contact one of the experts at 6S Marketing.

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