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We have all experienced it, or are currently experiencing it – information overload. As a generation of facebookers, tweeters, instagrammers, and txters, information is coming at us an alarming rate. It’s hard or impossible to process this information. Social media has helped us to connect, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be . . . well, too much. Enter – FeedAptive. This soon to be released tool collects your social media feeds and filters them based on your behavior and interests. You can manually adjust the feeds as well, but it is not necessary.

Currently the system is focused on Twitter. The Twitter newsfeed can be overwhelming – as we call it – just a firehose of information. If you have more than a few people you follow, it’s impossible to keep up with the feed. As you use Twitter via the Feedaptive interface – you will notice your feed changing, providing you with the most relevant information first. The system learns as you use Twitter, filtering the information for you. You can also mute users, update the interface to add additional columns, or create a new tab to customize the interface to your requirements.

FeedAptive is a joint venture by 6S Marketing and one of our partners and the BETA will be launching in the fall of 2012. We would like you to sign up for the BETA, and get a sneak preview of what is coming. Head over to FeedAptive.com and follow the instructions. Once the beta is ready you will receive an invite code with details on how to participate. You can also follow @FeedAptive on Twitter.

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