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Following the highly anticipated SMEI Facebook marketing event last year, Alfredo Tan, Senior Director at Facebook, returns to Vancouver for a second time for the SMEI Facebook Marketing Secrets event, taking place on March 22nd at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver.

Alfredo will reveal some of Facebook’s statistics and demonstrate how Canadian marketers are using the social media giant to build brand loyalty, create a community of social influencers and develop new market segments. Last year, 6S Marketing developed an infographic to illustrate Canadian Facebook usage stats Alfredo provided to us after the event. Stay tuned for this year’s infographic with some updated stats!

As a SMEI sponsor, 6S has a promo code (6s30) for 30% off tickets to the Facebook Marketing Secrets event. You can register and purchase tickets here: https://m360.smei.org/event.aspx?eventID=45851&instance=0.

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