Facebook Like Drive for North Shore Rescue

My business partner and fellow 6S Marketing Co-Founder, John Blown, is a hero. It’s true and he has medals from the Queen of England and the Prime Minister to prove it.

John is an avid volunteer member of North Shore Rescue and has been with the team for more than 15 years. He joined shortly after we started 6S Marketing in 2000 and it is his passion. He is a ropes expert as well as a long line expert where he is often suspended from a helicopter helping the team search for lost persons who are often in precarious settings.

Every member of North Shore Rescue is a volunteer and they all have full-time jobs. Some are paramedics, some are firefighters, and some are entrepreneurs, like John.

Being a volunteer mountain rescuer is not a hobby that can just be done on evenings and weekends. John often has to make sacrifices around work and family in order to help people. As a company, we support John 100% and realize that he is going to miss some meetings or be tired the next day after spending 12 hours (or more) in frigid conditions often hiking through rough terrain or deep snow. It has become part of our culture and speaks to one of our core values of having “Grit”.

John’s day job happens to be in digital marketing and we have a social media division where we run campaigns on behalf of clients. There are now 72 of us at 6S Marketing/Drive Digital and we volunteer our time with North Shore Rescue when they need a new website designed or logo developed, and we helped launch the social media channels a few years ago. The social media channels have grown organically and at a steady rate. There is a huge amount of interaction and engagement with the public as they share and provide the team with valuable information on an ongoing basis. Earlier this month, a Facebook post was shared more than 500 times in 24 hours and reached 90,000+ people very quickly and efficiently. (see the stats below)

North Shore Rescue Facebook Post and Stats

We want to encourage social sharing and accelerate growth, so we have launched a campaign to help grow their following called the Facebook Like Drive Campaign. You can read more about the campaign on the North Shore Rescue Blog in the post “How Social Media can Save Lives”.

6S Marketing is donating advertising funds specifically towards Facebook ‘Like’ campaigns that target groups of people in various ways. Our goal is to grow the number of likes on the North Shore Rescue Facebook page from 14,250 to 50,000+ by the end of Spring 2018. In the first week, we have helped grow the page already by 10% to over 15,500 Facebook likes, so we know that our objective is within reach.

North Shore Rescue Page Likes Growth

In order to achieve our goal, we need to grow the page organically as well. We are asking people that are friends, fans, family, and followers of North Shore Rescue to join in the mission and help invite their adventurous and outdoorsy friends to join the Facebook Like Drive Campaign.

The campaign focuses on a few key areas and audiences, and we are directing ads to people that live in Greater Vancouver with a particular focus on the areas closest to the hiking trails and ski areas. We are also targeting people who show interest in outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. There are a few more complex campaigns that are reaching out to friends of people who already like the North Shore Rescue Facebook Page as well as retargeting people who have recently visited the ‘northshorerescue.com’ website.
Please read more about the details of the campaign on the North Shore Rescue blog.

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