Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords – Good or Bad?

On February 6th, Google announced Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords. This has caused a lot of uproar in the AdWords community, mostly around the lack of control search engine marketers will have with the new settings. We’re here to explain a bit more about what this change means to you.

If you haven’t yet heard about Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords, the main difference is that you will now be targeting mobile devices, desktops and tablets within the same campaign. There will be ways to vary your bids, extensions and ads based on device, but you will no longer be able to break out devices into separate campaigns and set different budgets. Below are some of the new features we are looking forward to seeing, and a couple of drawbacks that we can foresee.


Time Selection

Extensions can be scheduled to start and end at certain times or run at selected times throughout the day. This is perfect for companies who do not want to get calls while they are closed. They can schedule their call extensions to run during only their open hours.

Performance Reporting by Sitelink

If you’ve ever worked with sitelinks, you know how difficult it is to find out which ones are receiving clicks and which ones you may want to switch out.

Customized Bid Multipliers

Bid multipliers can now be customized for location, device or time of day. Say, for example, you’re a restaurant owner. With Enhanced Campaigns, you are able to raise your bids when someone is searching for a restaurant from their mobile phone, within a certain distance of your location and during your open hours.


No Tablet/Desktop Differentiation

Tablets and desktops are treated the same and cannot be separated out. In display campaigns, I’ve found that these types of visitors can be slightly different, especially due to the in-app advertising. If you find you are getting a significant amount of in-app advertising that you want to avoid, try adding adsenseformobileapps.com as a negative placement.

No Mobile-Specific Campaigns

You will be able to bid 0% for mobile devices if you want to run ads on tablets and desktops only. However, you will not be able to run a campaign that only targets mobile devices.

No Budget/Device Separation

Because all of your devices are now grouped into one campaign, you will no longer be able to separate your budgets by device.

Loss of Targeting

You will no longer be able to target mobiles and tablets by operating system. This means that if you have recently developed an app for iOS, but have neglected Android or other platforms, you will have some difficulty breaking out your target audience. If you create a ‘click to download’ ad, this will only serve on the proper iOS. If you create a regular ad with an app extension, the app extension will not appear on desktops – however, the ad will still be shown to these visitors.

Confusing Bid Multipliers

Say you have a bid multiplier to decrease bids on mobile devices by 30%, increase bids for visitors from Vancouver by 20%, and increase bids by 30% during 8AM and 5 PM. What is your actual bid for someone who matches all of those requirements? Below is the calculation you would do to find out your final bid multiplier.

Despite all of our complaints, Google has the last say. Whether we like it or not, all accounts will be migrated over to Enhanced Campaigns by mid-2013. So, how difficult will it be to switch over? For some accounts, it will be a simple click of a button. However, if you have separated out your traffic by device, you will first have to merge your campaigns and then begin to create extensions and ads for mobiles.

AdWords Editor 10 will also be launching on February 22nd, 2013 and will have more advanced features to help with your migration over to Enhanced Campaigns. For more information on this topic, feel free to read Search Engine Land’s perspective on Enhanced Campaigns too.

If you’re interesting in exploring Google AdWords for your business, learn more about our search engine marketing services. You can also check in regularly to the 6S blog for more Google AdWords updates!

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