Drive Digital Celebrates One Year Anniversary

This July, 6S Marketing’s sister agency Drive Digital is celebrating their one-year anniversary. It’s been a whirlwind of memorable websites, team growth and fresh new office space.

Drive Digital is a website design company specializing in WordPress driven sites. Their mandate is simple: hire the best people to create highly usable, immersive websites that engage audiences and integrate the freshest technology. Drive’s sites show meticulous attention to detail, and adopt the latest technologies like HTML 5, responsive design and swipe action.

The team at Drive is made up of a combination of creative and techies, all from international agency backgrounds, headed up under the direction of Drive’s managing partner, Colin Mansell. The senior management team also includes 6S Marketing co-founders, Chris Breikss and John Blown.

6S and Drive have collaborated on numerous projects to combine digital marketing initiatives with the re-branding of a company and launch of their website. Some examples of sites we’ve worked on together include Wildcoast, Journey Mexico and Century Group — click over to see some of their stunning work.

Although we’re using the term ‘sister agency’ in the corporate sense, Drive literally is like family; they’re located right across our hall (there’s a neat time-lapse video of them renovating the space on their homepage) and 6S’s founders remain actively involved in growing the business. Of course, there’s also some friendly competition going on in the form of group FIFA games over the Xbox at lunchtime!

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