2013 Digital Marketing Budget Calculator

We all know that digital marketing is a tactic one must incorporate into their marketing strategy in order to remain competitive in this day and age. But do you know where to spend your marketing dollars wisely or how far your digital budget can stretch and still effectively provide the results you hope to achieve?

At 6S, we hear questions like these all the time. So we developed a tool to show companies how much of a budget they should be spending on their digital marketing, as well as which marketing channels they can use effectively within the budget they have allocated towards their digital marketing efforts.

The tool, a digital marketing budget calculator, was developed based upon current trends indicating that businesses are allocating 40% of their total marketing budget to digital marketing. We found this percentage while performing the research we used to develop the calculator and turned the trends and stats we found into a nifty infographic.

The digital marketing budget calculator is a free online tool available to businesses ranging in size from $0.5 million to $10 million a year in annual revenue. Business who wish to use the calculator can simply plug-in their annual revenue, target market location, and time frame and instantly see an illustration of how much budget they should be allocating to each digital channel including mobile marketing, social media, email and search engine budgets.

The 2012 Digital Marketing Budget Calculator

Preview of the 2013 Digital Marketing Budget Calculator

How much of a budget have you allocated to digital marketing in 2013? Post your comments below! We’d love to hear from you.
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