Will CTV BC Bring Interactive TV to their New Morning Live Show?

I had the chance to sit down with the local TV station CTV British Columbia and their new morning show team and talk about how they plan to bring a fresh new spin on morning news in the Vancouver market. The show’s News Director promises the show will have “The kind of energy that jumps off the screen, engaging viewers each morning.”

But is that what we, as viewers, want?

Chris Breikss with CTV BC Morning Live Show hosts @aamerhaleem @ann_luu @CTVNorma @ctv_marke

What I want is more interaction with digital mediums including Twitter, Facebook, and perhaps soon, Google+. Twitter is currently my primary news source, but I am having a hard time sifting through the noise to getting to the stories that matter to me. I do watch the TV news in the morning, while eating breakfast and enjoying cup of coffee, as I like to see what is in store for my day. If the morning news were to reference Twitter where I could participate and engage with the stories I would be sure to carry those conversations on throughout the day. CNN News does a good job of this and are likely the template to follow, but none of the other stations in the Vancouver market are doing it well.

For example, this morning via Twitter I found out that Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, is in Vancouver. None of the traditional mainstream media was covering it but VanCityBuzz and TechVibes were picking it up; however, it was hard to get the real story and any details. I would have loved if a reporter from CTV had weighed in on the subject and sent an investigative team down to Gastown, where Mark had been spotted to check out the story. I would have Tweeted and re-tweeted the story, just as I did with VanCityBuzz or shared it on Facebook or Google+. Maybe I would have even written a blog post and embedded the CTV video. I still think there is a lot of interest in traditional media, as long as they are reporting the stories that we want to hear and are sharing them in a format that is beyond traditional TV, radio and print.

The new morning team, which consists of Aamer Haleem, Norma Reid, Marke Driesschen and Ann Luu, promises to be interactive on Twitter as well as with polls on the CTV website. However, is this any different than what the other news channels are doing? I am curious to see how they are going to do it better and when asked, Norma replied that she heard that Tumblr was a social media platform that she was thinking about trying. I don’t know of any other reporters on Tumblr and I think it would be a great idea! Aamer said that he was open to exploring new tools when I suggested Google+ and that the show will evolve over time and that it will be different on day 30 than on day 1.

I hope the folks over at CTV BC get it right and start truly interacting with their audience. If they do, I think they will be rewarded with a more engaged following and loyal audience. They have an opportunity to carve out a new format and shape the future of truly interactive TV news..

#CTVBC New Shows Hosts – Official Press Release: http://bit.ly/pBm67v

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