Supporting the Underdog: Canadian Olympic Snowboarder Crispin Lipscomb

EDIT: Feb 3, 2014 – see Crispin Lipscomb practicing in Switzerland this week.

If you can believe it, it’s nearly time for the world to take a trip to Sochi. We’ll be cheering on Team Canada in 2014’s Winter Olympic Games, which kick off February 7th, 2014. Before then, we want to share the inspiring story of a snowboarder from the heart of Whistler, B.C.

Crispin Lipscomb has officially come out of retirement. The 34-year-old was an Olympian in 2006 at the Games in Torino, the only Canadian halfpipe competitor to advance to a final. He didn’t qualify for Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics, and so decided to retire from competition and take up the equally challenging job of coaching: an experience full of adventure, to say the least. Crispin worked as a coach in Korea and shared the halfpipe with Buddhist monks, even gaining an invite to stay at their temple.

Now a practising Buddhist himself, Crispin coached fellow snowboarder Katie Tsuyuki and was ecstatic when she qualified for the 2014 Games. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to travel to Sochi as a coach — so what did he do? He entered himself, of course. Crispin qualified to attend the Games on January 21, 2014, a mere week before training in Switzerland started. This meant he needed to fundraise — fast! Crispin was introduced to 6S Marketing through a mutual business connection, and a partnership was quickly formed. Crispin was not a shoe-in for the Olympics and did not have big corporate sponsors in place, so 6S was able to provide sponsorship funds to help with much-needed travel and equipment expenses. Crispin regards himself as an underdog and is going up against veterans like the USA’s Shawn White and the Swiss iPod (Iouri Podladtchikov).

6Sers can't wait to watch Crispin on the slopes

6Sers are supporting Crispin on the slopes

6S Marketing is a proud supporter of our Canadian athletes, and the Olympic Games overall — we provided marketing services to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store, and our President Chris made the news supporting Team Latvia in honour of his father’s heritage.

We’re thrilled to act as Crispin’s sponsor, and will be watching his debut on February 11th at 2 PM Sochi time — meaning some of us in PST may be pulling all-nighters! (For anyone who needs their eight hours of shut-eye, there will be recaps shown afterwards.)

Stay tuned as we continue to reveal the highlights of Crispin’s Olympic comeback! Want to get involved? Share Crispin’s story on social media using the icons at the top of this blog post. You’re also able to help Crispin meet his funding goal through his Indiegogo campaign.

You can check him out in action in the video from 2006 below, and follow his journey on Twitter and Instagram.

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