Companies Now Able to Advertise on Twitter

In April 2010, Mashable and others reported that the long awaited Twitter Ad Platform was about to launch. The “muchstart-advertising-with-twitter anticipated” platform named “Promoted Tweets” was then released to a small group of Beta testers including Starbucks, Virgin America, and Bravo.

It now appears as though the Beta testing for one of Twitter’s Promoted Products has come to an end, as “Promoted Accounts” is now available to the masses as an advertising medium on Twitter:

  • Promoted Accounts – This feature is built to supercharge your ability to gain new followers on Twitter. Specifically great for promoting your account around the time of releasing a new product, or promoting an event, Promoted Accounts help to increase your content sharing and amplify your messaging by people who are truly interested in your brand.

However, to advertise on Twitter, companies must submit a detailed form with company information, twitter account information, budget, campaign goals and which of the three products they are interested in using. A Twitter representative will then contact the company or agency’s contact person to likely gather more information to further qualify the prospective advertiser. This results in a lengthy, complicated process just to get advertising started. The fact that the form asks for an advertising agency name likely means Twitter will be more interested in engaging with agencies on behalf of clients who wish to advertise rather than direct with clients themselves. To learn how 6S Marketing can help you with this step of the process, contact 6S Marketing.


Two of Twitter’s Promoted Products (Promoted Tweets and Trends) are still in Beta for a small selection of advertisers and are not currently available to all Twitter users:

  • Promoted Tweets – enable companies to speak to Twitter users that do not follow your account but follow similar accounts to yours. They are not “ads” in the traditional sense, but are tweets that are amplified to a broader audience. Promoted tweets show in user’s timelines and can be interacted with as a normal tweet can. These are “Cost per Engagement” based, meaning you only pay when a user retweets, replies to, clicks on or “favorites” your Promoted Tweet.
  • Promoted Trends – Feature a trend related to your business at the top of the trend list that appears on everyone’s Twitter home page. When a Twitter user clicks on the trend, they are taken to the conversation for that trend. Your promoted Tweet will appear at the top of the timeline.

As of this time, there is no information as to when these products will be available to the masses.

Contact 6S Marketing for more information on how we can help you with Twitter advertising for your business.

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