COBS Bread: Translating an Amazing In-Store Experience into an Online Campaign

“What does this website smell like?”

It’s not the kind of question you get asked every day, but it’s just one example of the thought process that went into our project with COBS Bread.

The national bakery chain, which has stores across Canada and the U.S., was looking to update its website alongside its digital marketing strategy in order to bring their online presence inline with their stellar in-store experience.

Alongside an updated digital presence, COBS Bread also wanted to take advantage of novel digital initiatives. The goal was to better understand what their customers were looking for online and to identify new ways to engage with them.

6S Marketing worked closely with sister agency Drive Digital, an award-winning web design and development firm, to turn what you’ll find in one of COBS Bread’s brick-and-mortar stores into an impressive digital experience.

COBS Bread website

A recipe for success

Great design and successful online marketing go hand-in-hand. It was vital that COBS Bread’s new site not only looked fantastic but also delivered on their business goals.

Drive built an incredible website translating the essence of COBS into the digital world. Putting the products front and center, the site looks so good you can almost smell the products baking. This is exactly the kind of sensory experience we were looking to create.

Like a great loaf of bread, however, there are lots of ingredients working together to create this incredible digital presence. In COBS’ case, that includes the use of data, analytics, and UI to create a truly memorable user experience.

COBS Bread: Website

Proven results

COBS have two very distinct audience groups that they need to target through their online activity.

Firstly, they want to communicate with their customers, keeping them up-to-date with the latest offers and information in order to encourage them to visit a location. Secondly, they want to engage with potential franchisees to help grow the COBS network across the continent.

Through the use of granular data analysis, sophisticated targeting techniques, and user experience, we were able to create a stunning web presence that delivered on COBS Bread’s business goals.

Just some of the successes we’ve seen since the launch of the site include:

  • Increased traffic: The stellar online experience has helped to attract +40% year-on-year traffic with +30% spike in new users.
  • Foot traffic: Typically, COBS Breads has relied on direct mail vouchers to entice customers into their stores. However, using online offers alongside a geo-located ‘Find a bakery’ feature, we were able to outperform traditional techniques by over 40%.

Working with the passionate team at COBS Breads has been an exciting experience for us. We’ve loved turning their phenomenal physical presence into an amazing online experience that doesn’t just look good but delivers on business objectives.

If you’d like to know more check out our video below, which guides you through our process of creating a great smelling and functioning web presence.

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