Happy Year of the Snake! | 蛇年快樂

On February 10th, the world said goodbye to the year of the dragon and ushered in the year of the snake. According to the Chinese zodiac, snakes symbolize intelligence and grace – but can have a materialistic side, too.

Our office started the celebrations off early on Friday. 6S’s Yaletown office is located quite close to Vancouver’s Chinatown, so we were able to find many authentic treats to enjoy. We even got to fight over some homemade dumplings made by account manager Amy Bao’s talented mom. Take a look at some of the highlights:

In case you’re wondering what the year of the snake means for the business world, there’s an interesting blog post here which suggests the Year of the Snake might be a good year to establish your own company. Author Neil Somerville also notes that two tech-related powerhouses – the iPod and the CD – were both launched in Snake years (2001 and 1977, respectively). Sounds like it’s an exciting time to embark upon new business adventures.

Did you miss out on the celebrations this weekend? Don’t worry, there’s still a neat New Year-themed parade occurring on February 17th in Vancouver’s Chinatown!

We wish you all the best in this new lunar year.

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