Google Releases New Canadian Mobile Statistics

Did you see our recent blog post/infographic on Canadian smartphone use statistics? We learned that two-thirds of BC residents own a smartphone, and 79% expect a good mobile experience from brands. Google also recently released their own report on Our Mobile Planet, with specific data pertaining to various countries. Let’s see how much Canadians love mobile!

  • 55% of smartphone users search on their phone daily
  • 80% use a smartphone while multi-tasking with other media (ie. TV, music, web surfing)
  • 77% of Canadian smartphone owners research products and services on their phones
  • 51% have performed a mobile search after seeing an ad
  • 87% of smartphone users notice mobile ads
  • slide from google's 'our mobile planet: canada,' may 2013

    slide from google’s ‘our mobile planet: canada,’ may 2013

    All signs point toward mobile overtaking traditional desktop use within the very near future. Smartphones have transformed consumer behaviour and the way we navigate the world. This makes mobile marketing more vital than ever.

    How frequently do you use your smartphone? (We’re betting often!)

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