Canadian Internet Usage Statistics

EDIT: See 2012 Canadian Internet Usage Statistics Here

Yesterday, Statistics Canada released the results from the 2009 Canadian Internet Use Survey. Here are some of the highlights;

– 53% of Canadian home internet users under the age of 30 went online to download or watch TV or movies, while 45% of this age group reported contributing content.

– Canadians aged 45 or older, two-thirds (66%) went online during 2009

– Rates of Internet use in Canada are highest in British Columbia and Alberta at 85%

– 53% of Canadian home internet users were connected to the Internet by cable and 33% by telephone. Other types of home connections, mostly wireless, increased to 23% in 2009 from 13% in 2007

Elaine Yong from Global TV came to our office yesterday to interview 6S Marketing President,Chris Breikss,about the Canadian Internet usage statistics from the and you can see the YouTube video of the interview below.

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